Sharing my thoughts and experiences, offering balance to the world as a black woman.

No matter what walk of life you’re from, you’ll take something away from my blog that will help you to strip back the layers and become the best version of you. I created this blog to share my thoughts and experiences as a Black woman on a number of issues affecting society.

My views are intended to be balanced, informative and inclusive for all. It’s all about understanding the challenges we all face; building strength and confidence to make changes; healing; manifesting; and everything in between.

Some of the topics you can look forward to

Working on your mind, body and soul The importance of servicing the mind and giving your whole self the attention it needs.

Invigorating real black history
Educating on the rich history of
pre-slavery Africa and all of its beauty

Racism and its societal impact Discussing the deep issues of racism as well as exploring topics others are afraid to.

Encouraging black woman to reach their full potential
Championing the voice of the black woman and sharing the challenges

Inspiring the next generation of pioneers and leaders
Empowering the next generation
of change makers.

Creating a more united and inclusive society by providing honest and sincere perspectives of live matters to encourage respect and empathy


How we are supporting the community


Working with schools to add real black history on the curriculum.


Running workshops with companies to drive the Diversity and Inclusion agenda.


Sharing important content that will bring people together. Knowledge is POWER.


Talking about everything from racism and its many areas, to self-love and care.

Do the best you can you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.

Maya Angelou

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