A brief introduction to me!

So, who is Dionne?

I’m known by a number of different names – Dionne, DiDi, Faustie, Faustina, Afia, Afua… and I love them all. You can pick one and run with it! I am a London born Ghanian, who is proud of who I am and my culture. I also embrace the fact that I am from the United Kingdom and I have a rightful and equal place in this society.

As part of the ‘old skool’ generation, I was never attracted to blogging, I suppose there was nothing I felt I needed to talk and inform people about. Like many others, the death of George Floyd was a game changer. It ignited the fire in me to take stock and pave my way to be part of the change that’s needed to fight for myself and my people. I have always personally spoke of issues around race, inequality, prejudice and discrimination, but as big as the issue is, the audience was small and the margin for change was short and appetite unpalatable for many. This time round, things are different because we won’t stop until every person who walks this earth is seen and treated as equal.

I am a very proud mother of two beautiful daughters and they have been integral in my motivation during this movement. Nothing else matters more than my girls.

Thinking about everything I’ve been and continue to go through as a result of the skin I was born in, pains me. But what pains me the most is the thought that this could also be their future. I cannot even begin to describe what it feels like to be seen as a lesser human (but I won’t have to explain this to many of you who are also so familiar with this position). This is why I launched a number of initiatives to play my part in this fundamental human shift. And you know what? I’ve never felt more liberated and purposeful in my entire life. The passion I naturally have to help people, firmly places me at the centre of this change and no one can tell me any different!

So sit back and enjoy my content! Please feedback as I truly value the opinions of my readers. I am always trying to learn more, so please forward me on to any resources you’d like to share and please also do contact me for anything else; I’m here to help.

Sending light and love always.

DiDi (my personal fav) xxx

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