Say “Hello” to the Elephant in the Room

I’ve been somewhat comforted by the recent interactions I’ve had about the Black Lives Matter movement. In the past this never would have happened. We’d become so acclimatised to living under these conditions that even when someone lost their life, not everyone was as outraged as they should’ve been. 

Post slavery racism has been an enemy of progress for the black community. Racism isn’t just an empty word that can be thrown around; we’ve got to recognise that racism is an actual power system that puts particular ethnic groups at a disadvantage by design. 

I fear that most do not understand the magnitude of the problem therefore we find that the solutions put in place are superficial at best. We need to open the floor to have meaningful and honest conversations, some of which will be difficult. By becoming educated about the complexities of racism and its multifaceted operation,  only then is transformative change likely.

We have to discuss the Elephant in the Room.

Don’t be afraid to talk about racism with your family, friends, colleagues, even strangers and continue to educate yourself. Only by listening to and learning from those directly affected by this brutal system, can we really move forward. 

No one quite knows if we’re really at the turning point however we need to decide if we’re truly committed to change, if so, there really is no turning back.

Sending love and light always.

DiDi x

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