Self-reflection Sundays – Avva bath!

It’s that time again! Today you take the time to work on you.

I’ve spent the last two days running after children in tropical temperatures – not anatomically the nicest combination! Other than knowing I needed to get some extra sleep to recuperate, I knew that my body was craving a nice long bath.

I’m not going to type here and pretend that I take these often; I just don’t have the time but sometimes my body does the talking. When it asks for a bath, that’s when I know I’d better listen before burnout rears its unattractive head.  

There is so much demand on our time, it’s easy for our well-being to get lost in the process. I’ll say it louder for the people at the back; you cannot maintain your mental, physical and emotional health if you don’t prioritise your self-care. My sister laughs at me all the time because I can pretty much get ready (prep, shower, clean, dress, hair, make-up) in under half an hour. When Thames Water brought us a four minute timer to use in our shower to help save water, I thought four minutes? That’s a treat in my world!! So yes, sometimes we need to take time out to take care of ourselves.

Before you turn the tap on and tick the ‘bath done’ box, hold your horse. There’s an art to this. If you really want to get the benefits that a bath promises, you must first take time to plan. It’s like getting ready to make a meal you saw someplace but don’t really know where to start. Yes you can cook, but trying something different is always worth it. And just like cooking, you can add your own style and flavour – do what works for you.

Here are some easy tips to consider:

  1. Make sure you plan a time that allows for you to be undisturbed. Kids or not, there are interruptions everywhere. I’m a 30 minute bather myself but however long you wish to stay in the bath, make sure no one can bother you.
  2. Make your environment pretty. Whether it’s candles, a bath tray, some floating petals; make your bathroom as inviting as possible. This is YOUR TREAT.
  3. Use some aromas to enhance your senses. My top drawer is bursting with essential oils. I’m obsessed and use them singularly or in combination depending on how I feel and what I need (lavender will always be my favourite).
  4. Bath salts are also a regular feature for bath connoisseurs. For me, I only use them when my body is physically aching. I work out five days a week, carry around a kettle bell, sorry I mean my baby, and there are just some days my body needs some extra tlc.  There are loads of other ‘essentials’ to consider – green tea, face masks, books, etc. Go with your preference.
  5. Decide if you want music or if silence is needed. I’m a fan of calming music, but I know some people who love a bath to a beat. It’s all up to you.
  6. Rub yourself. I find this unbelievably soothing. Everyone needs a hug, so why not give one to yourself? I do this in the bath, and after the bath with a scented coconut oil. Be present in the moment, it will make a big difference to your feeling.

I hope you find the time to today to prioritise you. If not, there are six other days in the week that most certainly owe you.

Sending love and light always.


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