The Turning Point Podcast: In conversation with Yinka Bokinni

Yinka is one of the pioneering black female radio presenters in the UK. But what did her journey look like?

From African and Irish descent, Yinka talks openly about the role colourism may have had in her success. It is a fact that privilege does extend whiteness, to ignore this is to be complicit in racism.

With age comes wisdom. Yinka has been and is calling this out with honesty and bravery. Her full awareness of the specific challenges faced by darker skinned black women makes her a trusted ally in the drive to push her industry to operate fairly and equally.

Championing authenticity in all its glory, Yinka encourages everyone to be who they are.

Don’t miss this honest and honourable episode.

Yinka is also the curator of the true crime series ‘The Anniversary’, founder of Sistem Magazine and one half of Capital Xtra’s popular Breakfast Show.

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