Self-Reflection Sundays: AND BREATHE

Today, there seems to be an atmosphere of calm and relief.

The next turn on this roller coaster of a year (for me at least), hung in the balance of the 2020 US election. A Trump re-election would have summed up the shiteness of an unforgettable 10 months.

I now feel in a place of hope.

Those of us who have awareness, know that everything in life has a butterfly effect. The deforestation in Brazil affects the air we breathe 5,355 miles away here in the UK. Trump championing racism, neglecting climate change responsibilities, refusing to manage and acknowledge the impact of the pandemic on his citizens, all has a residual effect on the rest of the world.

If lockdown is lifted on 2 December as marked in the calendar then maybe we’ll be able to end a turbulent year on a high because that’s what we need; freedom to just be and freedom to just breathe.

Breathing is something we easily take for granted because it’s an automated part of our anatomy. However, there are so many benefits of conscious deep breathing:

Breathing in and out and in and out…

1) Decreases stress and increases calm
2) Relieves pain
3) Stimulates the lymphatic system (Detoxifies the body)
4) Improves immunity
5) Increases energy
6) Lowers blood pressure
7) Improves digestion
8) Helps support correct posture

But in the here and the now, just breathing for calmness will help us to close the lid on the uncertainty that has held many of us captive and to look ahead with hope, confidence and clarity.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, take a deep breath and have a glass of something; God knows you deserve it!

Sending love and light always.

DiDi x

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