Self-Reflection Sundays – Print your special moments

Happy Sunday! I’m a person who always wants to capture important moments. Since having a second child, I’ve been slacking… too busy, with two children and only two arms. Taking and printing photos has always been a love of mine; there’s nothing quite like physically viewing and touching your most sacred times.

Technology has given us the opportunity to click as we go. Those from my era will remember having to buy either a film for your hunk of a camera or a wind up disposable camera in order to take photos (ha!); those were seriously the best days. Having to wait 3-5 days to see your images was always so exciting. Sometimes you’d end up with a spoiled roll or you’d get the perfect shots that could be cherished forever.

A few years ago, I spent hours going through my mums old photos; she has thousands. Seeing photos of my grandparents on their wedding day, photos of my mum when she was iddy, pictures of my siblings and me from birth; made me feel wholesome. I was reminded about the powerful force of love and family.

Today’s Self-Reflection Sunday is intended to serve as a reminder to print out your special times. Give yourself (and your children if you have any) a chance to look back and reminisce about the good, great and unknown times. This isn’t an onerous task – again technology has our back! There are several easy and affordable ways to get physical photos:

  • Printing shops such as Snappy Snaps or some Supermarkets have their own printing facilities. Prints are usually cheap and instant
  • Online providers such as Free Prints and Snapfish. I use Free Prints as they give you a free quota each month, all you have to do is pay postage
  • Polaroid cameras give you instant snaps – I absolutely love these and was blessed to have my wonderful friends and family gift me a book full of heartfelt messages and photos for youngest daughter’s babyshower
  • Organise a photoshoot for you and your family and invest in quality prints. I highly recommend Olufemiphotography who has been capturing stunning family moments for over a decade. Check her out!

I thought I’d share a quick video of some of our photo albums. I can’t lie; I shed a tear or two looking back at these. Every person means so much to me and having them present in my home whenever I need to see them, brings a level of contentment that cannot be replicated digitally.

“My favourite part of the day is the part I spent with you”

Sending love and light always.

DiDi x   

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