I’ve been nominated for an award… say what?!

Ok, this is slightly insane but I’ve been nominated for the award of ‘Best Content Creator 2020’ as part of Sistem Amplified! I have so much respect for this unique magazine and the other wonderful women in this category so to say I’m feeling honoured is an understatement.

When I started my blog in July of this year, it came from a place of passion, love and hope. The content that I create is all about sharing, educating and unifying. Many of the topics I cover aren’t pretty nor glamourous; they are thought and emotionally provoking. I’m so grateful to have an active audience who engage with what I do and submitted the blog for a nomination.

Even if only one person finds my work useful, that’s more than what I set out to achieve.

And on that note, thank you.

DiDi x

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