Black father appreciation post!

My girls love their daddy. And I mean LOVE. Just yesterday I found Adaellah hugging and smelling her dad’s T-shirt on the washing line!

There has long been a well-communicated myth suggesting that black men are missing from their children’s lives. There is no denying that there are many single black parents, but this doesn’t equate to an absent father. The world has changed and many people are having children out of wedlock (myself included) therefore it’s much easier to up and leave when a relationship isn’t working, even when children are involved. We are also in a time where casual relationships are commonplace, which also can also lead to single parenthood. This is a universal pattern, not a black one.

There are more black fathers in their children’s lives than not according to official UK government figures. I am classed as a single mother because I’m not married, so this just demonstrates that there is a story sitting behind every statistic.

So I wanted to make this post to honour the black father and promote a side of the black community that I don’t think is celebrated enough! I thought I’d share some positive images of black men and their children to bring some sunshine into your space today.

Also, check out Dope Black Dads founded by the awesome Marvyn Harrison who uses his platform to celebrate, heal, inspire and educate black fathers for better outcomes for black families.

Sending love and light always.

DiDi x

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