The Turning Point Podcast: In conversation with Mark-Ashley Dupe

In this episode of The Turning Point: In conversation with…, I’m talking to the awesome Mark-Ashley Dupe. Mark has been DJing and promoting for over 10 years and has made a name for himself playing at major events such as London’s Lovebox Festival.

What is it like coming out as a gay black man? In our conversation, Mark takes us through his journey to finding his true self and how he tackled the difficulties opening up to his Jamaican mother and Nigerian father. Mark’s infectious positive attitude played a major part in this journey and helping him to stand tall in all he is and represents!

We also talked about the importance of supporting our LGBT+ brothers and sisters in the formidable Black Lives Matter movement so that every voice is heard and championed. 

With some real takeaways for not only gay black men, but for us all, don’t miss this insightful and jovial episode.

To watch the video version on YouTube, click here.

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