The Turning Point Podcast: In conversation with Rachel De-lahay

In this episode of The Turning Point: In conversation with I speak with the brilliant Rachel De-Lahay who is the co-curator of the powerful performance My White Best Friend (MWBF).

In 2016, after being commissioned by the British Theatre following the callous death of Anton Sterling, Rachel and Milli Bhatia (the second creative half of MWBF) recognised the missing piece in the Black Lives Matter movement puzzle, white accountability. Leaving black people to solve a problem that has been created by white people was never going to result in change.

To tackle this head on, Rachel created a platform to put her (and others) white best friends on stage to remind them that they’ve played a part in this problem. To remind them of the scenarios where they’ve displayed racist behaviours whether consciously or unconsciously.

Driven by love and the desire to make our white loved ones understand (even if for just one letter reading) how it felt to be on the side of the oppressed was the objective. If you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing ‘My White Best Friend’ then you’ve witnessed this objective being met.

I talk to Rachel about the performances, the changes she has seen in the media and TV industry and her own experiences that made this project so personal to her. We also talk about the exciting release of her MWBF book, which will be available from 1 September 2020! Click here to pre-order on Amazon.

Enjoy this week’s re-framing episode.

To watch the video version on YouTube, click here.

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