Self-reflection Sundays – You are what you mentally consume

It’s a new Sunday and self care takes prime place again. Today is all about what we choose to consume via our social media platforms.

Society’s promotion of unattainable standards is well documented. Unrealistic images are forced upon us via films, magazines, advertising, and so on. But what we also need to consider is, what toxicity are we voluntarily opting in to?

Social media is big part of all of our lives and there are definitely many positives. My personal favourite is the ability to remove boundaries and develop bonds beyond boarders. I’m all about connecting with like-minded, inspiring individuals and organisations as well as being able to maintain my important personal relationships in a world where finding the time to see our loved ones isn’t easy.

But in true Yin Yang style, all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites. Social media can be damaging, especially for our mental well-being. Its addictive nature creates a constant stream of negative messages wrapped in filter-driven, scene-setting, staged imagery that sets an unattainable benchmark for you and I.  

It is important to protect our minds from distressing input. Do you ever audit your following or ‘friends’ list? Friends, family, celebrities, strangers – we can be triggered from all angles. Do you find yourself constantly comparing your life with others? If you do this, then it’s even more vital that you click that unfollow/unfriend button on accounts that evoke this behaviour in you. If this action is too drastic, then get muting. You have to actively look after your own well-being. The Comparison Factor can lead to feelings of jealously, feelings of inferiority, feelings of inadequacy, waning self-esteem, amongst other depressive symptoms.

There’s no getting away from social media and its impacts; in order to get the best out of these platforms, think about engaging with accounts that will uplift you, that will educate you, that will make you laugh and even inspire and encourage you to do and be better. Use today’s 30 minutes of self-reflection to appraise your lists, and also check out my featured Who, Why, What accounts (via my highlights) which recommend accounts that do just that.

Sending light and love always.

DiDi x

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