The Turning Point Podcast: In conversation with Bushkin

It’s not often that I get a chance to have a meaningful conversation with a legend. In this episode of The Turning Point, I caught up with Bushkin and boy was I uplifted after half an hour of humble conversation.

Bushkin is a talented songwriter and MC from London. He is famously known for his incredible stage presence, undeniable charm, catchy lyrics and distinctive fashion. He is also one third of one of the UK’s most enduring and successful UK Garage Crews, Heartless.

Bushkin is giving back to the youth of today. With a true understanding of the barriers faced by the underdog, Bushkin is embarking on several initiatives to elevate their status, showcase their talent, and help them to mitigate the challenges they will inevitably face, especially black artists.

We spent a portion of the conversation talking about the importance of men connecting with their feelings, which is important for anyone’s mental wellbeing. Bushkin has recently released a new album with new sounds. ‘Man enough‘ is a collection of tracks that embraces emotional openness. Gifted by the man himself, listen to the whole album here.  

With words of wisdom, words of power, and words of substance, this episode will most certainly encourage those needing a boost, to push forward with their purpose.

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